Good can come out of the bad…

   I’m not a huge fan of meeting new people, but one of the reasons I deal with it and even enjoy it is getting to know their music tastes. I am one for everyone deserves an opinion, and mine are strong when it comes to music and it is SO refreshing being able to sit and discuss music, with the ability to say “actually, I don’t agree, I don’t like it much” and not feel like you’ve hurt someone. The point to this is you will meet many people throughout life and one thing you’ll always remember is their music taste. 
   Case and point right here: I’d heard of this band through someone I went to college with but never listened to them. Then a boyfriend of the time listened to them and I got to hear them quite often and well, they’re and good band. They are also a good example of don’t judge a book by its cover as I didn’t expect the singer to look how he does (we’re all guilty of making images in our mind before seeing them, admit it).

   This song is possibly my favourite at the moment though, as even though it’s based on a lads point of view; many girls can relate too. It’s a song that’s cheeky, full of banter but also lots of truth! It’s upbeat throughout but there is also a more mellow section to the song, and lyrics that just get you thinking “damn I’ve wanted to say this before” or even “man, what have I been playing at?”. Unwritten rules of life bought to realisation, in this song by the one and only…

Don Broco – Priorities:

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