Singing of Sex, Drugs and Harmonies

   Most of the time, my posts are about rock and indie bands, and today I’m going to stray from this blogs norm i’ve accidentally created and tell all about another band I’ve got some big love for at the moment!

   I got onto the topic of this artist recently in the office with my colleague, after hearing a kid shouting the lyrics outside. We were both just saying how lovely this artists voice is, how we’re feeling every song we’ve heard so far. What I love about this artist is the power in the voice, even though they speak-sing most of the time (which is another thing I love). The harmonies are wonderful, the instrumentals of the track are spot on and they’re all really feel good tunes… On the surface.

Listening to these songs properly, you realise what the lyrics are about; much darker subjects – drugs, sex. I was then asked if I’d heard the older stuff they’d done; I hadn’t. Of course, I went and listened and instantly realised a difference. The mood was still the same, the songs still catchy, but you didn’t have to listen very well to realise that they were about the subjects I previously mentioned. With words that are totally unfit for kids ears (I say this because I left them playing in my room and my little brother heard: DISASTER!) but surprisingly still very good songs.

   If you haven’t all realised who I’m talking about already, another clue is HE was first bought to my attention when he collaborated with Ariana Grande on one of her songs, but then more so when his song was released for 50 Shades Of Grey. Got it yet? It’s The Weeknd!

   If you haven’t already checked him out guys I highly recommend you do; whether that’s Spotify, YouTube or going and buying his album – it’ll be worth your time!

Thanks as always guys for reading and supporting, Leanne xx

Here’s the video for Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd