Turbowolf, Beasts & Loom – O2 Academy Birmingham – 13.10.2015

   October 28th I and Kirsty (who will be doing some guest posts) took another trip to the O2 Academy in our local town to watch our boys in Beasts whilst they were on tour with Turbowolf and Loom.

    Due to events before-hand causing travelling issues for us, we unfortunately only caught ten minutes of Loom’s performance. They sounded good, everything was performed well that we saw and after checking them out on YouTube afterwards their music sounds great.


   Beasts performance was something of professionalism. Their music is different to most artists in his scene, their style is somewhat old rock. We’re not referring to old school rock like Kiss and ACDC but more the style you hear from Nirvana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It’s got a slight grunge feel but is so much better.
   Unfortunately during Beasts performance they had some technical difficulties that resulted in a fair few mishaps during the first few songs, their TM having to literally hold their shit together. However, this did not damper their spirit or their performance. Jaco the bassist interacted with the audience, charming them and cracking out jokes helping to lighten the tension formed from the tech problems. Joe the vocalist/guitarist carried on throughout all difficulties performing to a very high standard, including continuing to play his guitar throughout the end of a song even though there was no sound coming from the amp. Woody, the drummer, remained cool, calm and awesome. His drum skills radiated throughout and the tightness and precision with each song was very strongly displayed.
   Their stage presence was brilliant! Jaco certainly doesn’t keep still during songs and reminds us of Flea with how he comes to life with music when he starts to play. Before tech problems, Joe moved around as much as singing and playing guitar allows (fair play to the guy for doing both fantastically, simultaneously). Unfortunately with the TM knelt before him, his movements became restricted and you could tell it was NOT how he wanted to be playing, but he champed on through the set. His movement became more sways and bops rather than the heavier head banging and filling the stage with his presence we’d seen beforehand. As a drummer it can be difficult to not just show movement from playing your instrument, Woody however, displayed large arm movements creating drama with every beat and some of the best head banging I’ve seen a drummer do! Considering this performance suffered technical difficulties, which almost made it destined to fail, it absolutely didn’t suffer anything in talent being displayed. There was no sign of panic on the stage, even with the TM running around solving things, the sound engineer keeping as much as he could at its best and even other crew acting as sound check, running round the venue ensuring sound quality from all areas was perfect, as well as doing their own job (photographer and merch guy). But most of all, they still found time to enjoy themselves, they made jokes about the situation and lightened the TM’s worry by introducing him to the audience and joking about him kneeling before the singer for the rest of the set. The whole team worked super well under pressure and the band themselves were great.


   Turbowolf were animated to the max! From sparkly in your face jackets to the best stage presence you’ll ever see. The whole band were dancing, bouncing and enjoying it. We mean, the drummer stood up throughout a whole song and still killed it.
   They certainly had the whole package, visually, musically and in showing their own characters. In between songs, the audience were made to feel like friends, with the singer and bassist interacting with them. Interaction included stories about recent trips to America, realisations they’ve had as a band and even encouragement to join in. Now trust me when we say the audience needed no encouragement at all, they were certainly in their element. I’ve not seen such a small room so filled with energy from the very start of a bands set. Even people at the very back of the room were dancing to their hearts content, with the front of the room like a human Tetris game due to how close everyone wanted to be to the stage.
   Turbowolf is definitely a band full of talent. Each song consisted of tight riffs, heavy drum beats and insane vocals.

   This gig just goes to show the skill of these people. No matter what happens (and this gig, a LOT happened) you’ve gotta keep going and give the people who are there for you what they want. All bands had incredible talent.

Below are YouTube videos of all 3 bands, show them some support, we promise you won’t regret it!

Thank you as always for reading my opinions and thoughts, it means so much to me! All comments and feedback are welcome – Leanne xo

 This post included some editing by guest blogger Kirsty

BEASTS – My Girl Is A Serpent:



Turbowolf – Rabbits Foot:

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