"I don't mind sentimental girls at times…"

   Talking to people, whether it’s friends, relatives, strangers, anyone at all, about their music tastes, preferences, what they like and hate, is one of my favourite things. The perfect example of this was recently in my best pal’s car; just me her and the drummer from Sextapes (I’ve done blogs about them in the past, if you haven’t seen them, take the time to go have a look). We were driving home from a gig and decided the radio just wasn’t cutting it, so we decided to just take turns in picking songs, and talking about what we’re into, and what we don’t like so much. The point I’m getting to is that I was reminded of a band that I love, but had completely forgotten about! Usually in the car we choose BMTH, Paramore; the usual. But drummer boy mixed things up with his request: Supersoaker.

   This band has a vocalist that fit’s a category I love; quirky, unique, some examples of others being Ellie Goulding, John Newman and George Ezra. But the vocalist in question is Caleb Followill. What gets me about his voice is that it makes you feel so many things, that maybe other vocals on the same track wouldn’t, just because they sound so different and out there. They make you want to check out their music, listen to album after album, because they really catch you out. Being made to want to listen to more and more is such a hard thing to accomplish from an artists point of view, and it makes me feel such great respect for them, like they have a magical power that only few have been blessed with. Obviously some people may think other artists have more unique voices, because it’s really down to what music is your usual genre, and what steps out of you own ‘norm’.

   So Kings Of Leon, as I’ve mentioned, are a band I forget about, never even thinking to talk about and certainly not to blog about, but I think they really deserve it. They’re a band from Tennessee, made up of 3 brothers and their cousin. Their music overall is so rustic, raw and catchy too. Caleb’s deep voice makes you feel as though in that moment, no other vocalist could ever sound THAT good. They’re defined as a rock band, but they seem to me to dabble in so many different genres, that I don’t think one label can describe them; they don’t fit to ‘rock’ mould. Having this mix of rock, indie and folk sounds all from one group of musicians displays their talent immensely. Their religious views are very well known to fans, and they’re well known for sticking to their beliefs, but despite this they wrote one of the most well-known songs of my generation: Sex on Fire. I know it’s stereotypical of me to say it, but as a religious group I thought they would be somewhat reserved about this topic; but apparently not! The song is so catchy and creative, on a controversial subject but still got to Number 1 on the charts! They make music about all sorts of topics: drugs, fighting, politics, abuse and not forgetting sex, but write them in a way which doesn’t come across as edgy and frowned upon, but simply as great music!

Thank you guys for always being supportive and reading what I write! Leanne xx

Here’s the video of Kings of Leon – Supersoaker:

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