"Sorry you're not"…

… A winner!!
   Tell me all you got that? If you did, good! If not, read on and hopefully you’ll catch on!

   Enter Shikari; this should’ve made the title click straight away! They’re a UK band that mixes synth, guitars, bass, drums and all kinds of vocals to create something meaningful, and beautiful! A lot of Shikari songs feature important messages regarding political viewpoints, environmental issues and other serious things that are seen to be somewhat brushed under the carpet by the media, especially the media that is aimed at the younger generation. With their music, full of catchy riffs and lyrics, fantastic videos and a lot of meaning, Enter Shikari get you to think about these issues and really get the point across.

   Now Rou the lead vocalist and front man, has a voice that you can really pinpoint and identify as his. His voice goes from harsh, almost screaming, to soft, melodic vocals, to a weird mix of speak-singing which isn’t quite singing, but more talking (if you guys know a word to describe it- PLEASE DO TELL! It’s an on-going problem trying to describe!). So, as if they can get any better – not only are they all super talented, super clever and witty in their song writing, but they’re very, very versatile in their style. Changes in their sounds are displayed across all four albums, and also in big ways with Shikari Sound System. This is their more dance/trance approach to music, compared to the Enter Shikari albums that are their more mainstream/well known metal/electronic/rock sound.

   Watching Shikari live is something I really think everyone needs to do. I’ve been lucky enough to see them 4 times to date (hopefully there will be many, many more); twice at Reading Festival (one as Enter Shikari, one as Shikari Sound System) and twice on tour at venues in my hometown. Each time they’ve been so full of energy, super interactive with the crowd and given an amazing performance! They fill the stage with music, movement and positive energy; at a gig at the HMV Institute in Birmingham, Rory climbed the balcony and hung upside-down whilst still playing. Live they are no different from their recorded tracks, always on point, showing just how talented they are and just how much work must go into their music!

   Enter Shikari are definitely one of my all-time favourite bands. They’re passionate, say what they feel, care about important issues and produce some absolutely amazing music.  

Thanks for reading again guys, means a lot. Leanne xo

Here’s Enter Shikari – Sorry You’re Not A Winner: 

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