Happy (almost) 1st Birthday… again

It’s nearly been a year since I brought back Music n What Not and not a lot has happened in that time. So as I prepare to heard into the second year, I thought we could have a little catch up/ behind the scenes update since there have been no new posts. So lets look back over the last 10 months!

July 2022 – May 2023

July 2022 I brought all the content from the Blogger platform over to WordPress and redesigned my blog The Unlucky Coeliac into the new updated Music n What Not. This entailed a lot of moving posts around, rebranding (which I am still not 100% happy with) as well as the lengthy process of unifying all the past posts including removing or editing some that were personal to the time period they were wrote in. During this time I also created Facebook and Twitter pages, moved my Instagram to a more personal page where it wont lose touch with the networks i’ve created as The Unlucky Coeliac and from my previous Music n What Not days.

All in all that process took a good month, month and a half to finalise and get into a position to reach out to some bands. Shout out to Wakening the Hollow and Everlit for being the most patient people ever! I was feeling excited and confident to move into this new chapter of my blogging life.

Whilst all this was happening, I was going through redundancy with an employer I had been with for just short of 6 years, finding a new job and researching to enrol at University. If you are an OG reader you know what i’m like! For those who may be new or from The Unlucky Coeliac days, I don’t do things lightly and often have multiple plates spinning at the same time.. Hardcore multitasking is what I like to call it..

I got a new job working part time, for the first time since I was 19, which was an adjustment in itself. I found the degree I wanted to obtain and enrolled in my first year and said goodbye to my previous employer!

This brings us nicely to November 2022, where I begun market research! We live in a very digital world where TikTok and Podcasts are around us 24/7 and trying to slot back into the music reviewing industry, I had to make sure that I was aware of what was happening in real time and in short what I need to do to be noticeable too!

This has then led to creating videos on TikTok, creating more Reels on Instagram and ensuring that these link to the Facebook page. Now they haven’t been completely about music and not all make it across all platforms, but they are great ways of me testing my skills and improving before diving in with the music ones. It sounds very crazy I know, but trust the process! Especially as this platform is all this music and what not…

Before I knew it Christmas had been and gone and University was beginning for me! So the last few months from January 2023 up until now I have been balancing studying and assignment writing into my normal every day life.

What’s next?

Moving into the second year of Music n What Not I have a lot of plans and what better way to speak them into existence than sharing them with you all!

I trialled sharing my favourite and most played songs of the month on the Spotify page, which seems to have been received well, and is something I want to tweak slightly. You’ll have noticed theres no playlists after December 2022, this is because I am redesigning the way I create the playlists before uploading to the Spotify Playlists.

I feel i’m getting better at creating content for TikTok and Reels, at the moment I have stuck to making coffee, days in the life, and cleaning videos as they can be shared to both my personal and home Instagram accounts. The purpose of doing this was to test out my current skills and look into where there may be gaps that I can then learn to do! A big thing I want to look into this year is creating my own audio for this content that links in nicely to the blog platform too! As well as allowing for blog post advertising to be done more efficient and with the times.

And finally my biggest goal for this year is to post more! Whilst cosmetic appearances of the blog and the logo may be made in the next 12 months, I need to not let that continue to prevent me from posting here. I will be creating a content planner, planning more time for writing posts and continue to ignore any imposture syndrome that creeps in from the past that resulted in the 4/5 year hiatus!

And thats it… We are up to date, caught up on my side and are two months away from the new and improved Music n What Not‘s 1st Birthday!

So.. How have you been?

As always, thank you so much for reading and being present here on Music n What Not! I hope you are well and can’t wait to see you again!



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