Welcome to my blog. My name is Leanne and this is technically my second blog. My first blog was completely music based and is still live, so it can be checked out (musicmainstream.blogspot.com), I focused on the Reading Festival and even did an album review of an album by The Rise of The Broken. Unfortunately due to the time I started the last blog, I was unable to keep it up to date and ended up just leaving it behind in the past.

   Now I’ve aged and matured and can balance things better, I’ve decided to start a fresh and that’s how Music and What Not was created. Theory behind the name is, I am very passionate about music. However, I am passionate about many things, such as science, tattoos, art and animals. So this blog will heavily be music related but will feature other things too.

   So that’s my blog life. Back to me, I am crazy because I am studying, working and blogging! I absolutely love Tim Burton. He is one of my favourite directors and artists! I love how his films always have a creepy feel to them but, always have a powerful message behind them (unless they are a very known fictional story like Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Which also makes sense for my love of Halloween! It is my favourite holiday and I love seeing people getting into the Halloween spirit with pumpkins and decorations.

   I also mentioned I love animals and tattoos. Well over my years on this planet I have owned four dogs, multiple fish and a bunny. I would love to have more animals, but me and my family don’t have the same like in pets (I would love a lizard, chinchilla, another dog, bunny, ferret, the list is endless) or they aren’t actually allowed to be pets like I absolutely love Raccoons!!. I also have a fair few tattoos which include meaningful family related ones and Tim Burton ones.

   So that’s it really. I love music and have an opinion on it that I thought I would share, expect lyric judgements, album/gig reviews and pretty much anything really.

I hope you enjoy,


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