Baby if I'm half the man I say I am…

I always have (and always will have) a HUGE amount of love for Paramore. Right now, I’m sat in work, on lunch, with Proof playing in my ears. Fighting the urge to sing really loudly (and terribly) in the staff kitchen.

Proof is one of those songs that’s got a cheery up beat tempo, but is secretly a bit of a love song. The lyrics refer to missing someone, and wanting to see them, while having a slight fear about what they’re doing. There are definitely some hints of that stereotypical ‘psycho side’ that every girl has, but deny and fear. Ending the chorus with “the only proof that I need is you” brings back the cheeriness in the song.

This is definitely a song I love, can listen to whatever my mood and can relate to on some levels.

I hope you enjoyed, and look out for whats to come! Leanne xo

Paramore – PROOF:

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