Who'd have thought it…

   Sometimes you just don’t like a song. Or even an artist/band. That was me with Bring Me The Horizon. 

   For years I haven’t been a fan of them. They would be played in my music lessons at school due to other members of the class liking them, and it would almost cause me physical pain. If you were to ask any of my friends (especially friends from school) they would tell you how much I used to say I hated Bring Me The Horizon. 

   Then Sleepwalking was released. I heard in on Kerrang one day when I wasn’t really watching the TV, it was more background noise, and thought “oh, I like this, who is it?”. Their name popped up and I was surprised to say the least. Then I saw them perform live at Reading Festival 2013 and was gutted to say I hadn’t watched them before. They were such crowd pleasers and very good at what they do. Everything sounded amazing, and a bonus for me was that they played Sleepwalking, the song that changed my views. 

   Two years on and I love their new album. I’m still not 100% there with their older stuff, but I can safely say they are an extremely talented group of people. And trust me when I say I have abused Spotify listening to them to come up with this realisation. 

   I like that I’ve grown to like them, as I feel I appreciate them more as artists now. However, I’m not saying that people who have liked them from the start don’t appreciate them as artists either. I love growing with a song/artist/band, but I also love falling for something that’s fresh to me. Bring Me The Horizon were definitely fresh for me, as even though I knew who they were, I had a break between my music lessons and the release of Sleepwalking to not listen to them. Now I cant stop. Thats the Spirit & Sempiternal are excellent albums that I’ve grown to love. But what I absolutely love is when Sleepwalking is played in Uprawr; if you’re from the UK you will know of the beautiful, sticky mess, that is Uprawr. If not, I’m sorry that you’re missing out on something so wonderful. It literally fills the room with energy and when you’re in a club, that’s everything and more you want. 

   Opinions can always change, that’s why they’re opinions. Mine has definitely changed regarding Bring Me The Horizon. I think I may even say, I’m a fan.

Here’s the video for Sleepwalking – Bring Me The Horizon, enjoy:

Thank you guys, Leanne xo

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