Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

   Once again, it’s not Leanne, I’m Kirsty.  Hey.

   So, Leanne asked me to write something quick about musical stuff for her blog (this brings me a lot of anxiety as I can honestly say I am the least musically talented person you will ever encounter. Even with listening. I float through genres not sure what’s going on. Terrible.) And it took me agesssssss to decide what to write, so I went with my favourite song at the moment: Miniskirt by BRAIDS. Then I though hey, they’re far too good to write about just one song…

   So that brings me onto their 2015 album – Deep in the Iris, and bloody hell is it good. 
There isn’t a single song on it that I dislike in ANY way. The whole album is full of meaningful, stick-in-your-head-for-days lyrics that I cannot get enough of and TONNES of catchy beats I can’t help but shimmy along to. The lyrics are poetry and I can’t make this post without mentioning some favourites:
    ‘Make believe I am in touch with myself, do the kind of things I watched from someone else’ – Sore Eyes, 
    ‘We experience the love we think we deserve, and I guess I thought I didn’t need much from this world, so I left you’ – Taste, 
    ‘And everything he touches is for him, my mother soul he devours with a grin’ – Miniskirt. 
   Not only are the lyrics meaningful and really touch home at some points, but her voice is like an angel, I could listen to her sing/speak all day. Having mentioned some lyrics of songs already I feel I need to add a video for more than just one song… So here is the FULL ALBUM on YouTube! (Please if you like it buy it afterwards!) 

   Thanks for reading my little attempt! Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

BRAIDS – Deep in the Iris:

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