Bank Holidays & the single life

    August is officially over tomorrow here in the UK! That means the first ever takeover month has come to an end. As it was a test run any comments are more than welcome below!

   Now enough of that nonsense and back to the music. Today here in the UK is a bank holiday, so naturally I have done nothing but watch tv and eat food (yay). Through watching so much tv today it occurred to me how much backing music effects the mood in television and films. The suspense and tension just builds with a good backing track and really shapes your emotions to fit into what you’re viewing. A good example of this I found today is Made in Chelsea, a reality show aired on E4. I should probably explain I’m currently watching an episode of the LA series; LA looks amazing and beautiful I’d love to go. So, Made in Chelsea features tracks from the well known and the not so well known, with genres ranging from folk to soft rock. But each track is carefully selected to match the atmosphere, either building up to the moment or dragging it out. 

   What I love the most about backing tracks in films and television is the way they help you feel involved. I know that sounds crazy, but, when watching a horror film, when the music is building, the next victim unknowingly approaching their doom, you can’t help but feel as unnerved as them. The hair on the back of your neck raises, and when the inevitable happens you pretty much crap yourself, and then probably laugh at yourself (at least that’s what my friends do, or they laugh at me whilst I’m still terrified). Or you could be watching a chick flick, the poor damsel in distress emotional because her life is falling apart. Then from the horizon, her prince charming comes and sweeps her off her feet. The music is light and filled with happy romantic lyrics. This is where you’re crying happy tears into your Ben & Jerry’s, happy for your new found heroine, and feeling more single than ever before.

Thanks for reading guys, Leanne xx

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