When two become… Trapped in your head because they're bangers!

   This post is a little different to the usual. I’ve picked two new songs that have recently been released, to break down and explain why I think they’re so good, and can’t stop listening to them! 

Ellie Goulding – Something in the way you move.

   Goulding has released ‘Something in the way you move’ quite recently and I can safely say I love this song already! It’s very catchy, with great lyrics that just stick in your head. The upbeat style sounds similar to that of Years and Years, but when you really listen to the lyrics properly, it’s actually a song about heartache, learning from mistakes and knowing better. Obviously about a lover of hers (I wonder who?!). 

   In the lyrics, Goulding talks about the situation we all know well; of having feelings for someone when you deserve much more. Having feelings for someone who hurts you repeatedly, and will keep doing so, but not having the power to stop. She talks about the fall and the knowing (but also unknowing) desire of these situations. The fact that these lyrics are so conflicting to the happy dance sound of the track makes this song just that little bit better. Gouldings unusual and well recognised vocals are as cheery as the tune and in some ways sugar coat the harsh topic, making the song more ‘pop’ and less ‘love ballad’. It’s a little bit different to what’s floating around at the moment and I think it’s a great song.

Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin – Running. 

   Naughty Boy has teamed up with the one and only Beyoncé and what a beautiful song they have made. When it comes to Beyoncé, I think she’s a wonderful artist; with an amazing voice, a body to die for and amazing versatility in her music. When you hear Beyoncé’s voice with Arrow’s, it’s a combination you’ll wish had been done sooner. 

   The song itself features Naughty Boys amazing production skills. Piano keys blend beautifully with beats that build and build, creating a beautiful piece of music, even before vocals. Starting off the lyrical side of this song is Beyoncé, singing about missing someone and losing yourself. As the chorus builds into a strong “I can do this, I am strong” sense it’s time for Arrow. He matches Beyoncé’s power with his strong vocals and continues to sing about being strong and carrying on then bringing his own to the second chorus. They then take it in turns to sing one single line on repeat. This message can be interpreted differently by people, but is certainly a meaningful one. Their voices blend beautifully together and I cannot wait to check Arrow Benjamin out as a solo artist after this amazing introduction to his talent. 

   I shall end this post with that one simple line.

   If I lose myself, I lose it all.

Thank you for reading, Leanne xo

Ellie Goulding – Something in the Way You Move:

Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin – Running:

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