You Me At Six – Deep Cuts

Hey music nerds and welcome to my first official post back in the Music n What Not chair! I hope you are ready…

Now is it me or are the bands from our teenage years, yes i’m talking to you 90’s born kiddos, all coming out with new music?! I can’t help but wonder if this is one of few blessings from the pandemic. Whatever the reason is for 2022 being the year of my inner teen screaming with joy I am absolutely here for it!

The first band I wanted to dive into was You Me At Six with their first release in around a year, Deep Cuts. All in all this is a great track and honestly a great first release of what I can only assume is an upcoming album. It also feels like nice grown up version of the bands earlier releases such as Loverboy. So lets dive in more!

With a few nods to earlier releases Deep Cuts starts with an instrumental intro of drums and wavy distorted guitar, that like the end of the track feel like a trailing from a previous track on an album. Other than tease the ears, what this does is emphasises the 3 chord SOMETHING that features throughout the whole track. Its this SOMETHING that I can’t help but feel there is some Red Hot Chilli Pepper (RHCP) influence present for the band. As you listen carefully there is a small resemblance to Can’t Stop by RHCP and the way this is heard throughout in that same bold yet never overpowering way is quite clever and a great feature to the overall track.

Another clever thing about this track is how the instrumental and lyrical aspects bring what could be quite the tough conversation into a slightly uplifting rock song so seamlessly! Stripping back the lyrics we get a sense of a story being told of someone in love with the wrong person. Who that person is, well thats for listener interpretation but it could be anyone even Josh Franceschi to himself.

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Adventuring Through Music…

It’s no secret whether you know me personally or only through reading the blog, that I just love finding out peoples tastes in music. Personally it doesn’t get better than discovering it of the people who are closest to you. Naturally its your immediate family and friends you know the most about, where you’re able to hear a song and know exactly who’s going to love it. But what’s more exciting in my eyes is learning it of someone new whether its a friend or someone special.
Now I am terrible for if I hear one song that I like, I need to investigate and find out as much about the sound/artist/their work as I can. For some its annoying as whilst i’m doing this it’s often the only thing they’ll hear my listening to for a while. For others its a chance to join in on my adventure with the music…
My latest adventure has been with The Hunna, and my god what an adventure it is turning out to be. They have this vibe that adds a little something to their indie sound, that has a way of just reaching you and bringing you in so casually it feels natural to be drawn to them. And that’s before we discuss vocals!
There are many aspects to The Hunna that I am intrigued with and is making me want more from them. However, this post is all about one little track from their latest album Dare. This track was brought to my attention by someone very close to me, who’s music taste is proving more and more to be incredible and I love finding out more about it! This track is the whole reason why I have gone on this little The Hunna adventure and found another addition to my ever grown music library. The track in question, well you’ll have to keep reading…
…The instruments and the sound all in one word – wow! The guitars are just incredible, with the slightest scrap of their fingers across the strings making that metallic slide between chords more prominent and beautifully placed. The drums in this song are strong yet feel almost delicate, even when the cymbals are so active it still feels gentle. Between the two of them there is a beautiful piece of instrumental music. The sound of this song to me is light yet wants to be heard.
Now lets talk vocals. My god, do I love the vocalist’s voice!! When he sings their are a mixture of pitches and the way they fluctuate so naturally makes me get goosebumps. His voice isn’t your usual kind of husky, but its so beautiful I honestly could cry.
Lyrics. My guilty pleasure to all songs. The first line alone hits me with such meaning, and connection. “And all the stares that people may”. The lyrics get stronger and stronger from then on. For me this isn’t a song about a man falling in love. This is a song about relearning to love and accepting love. More importantly a love that came out of the blue, the kind you just can’t prepare yourself for, but need so badly all at once. This song screams so may things, and I just know (and I will happily be proven wrong) that there are many people who can and will be able to relate to this song. This song is pure, raw, unedited emotions. This song is real life at its finest.
If you haven’t guessed already the beautiful song thats be put in my head for the last week (maybe a diddy bit longer) is  Lover by The Hunna delicately placed on their album Dare.


Have a listen to it and let me know your thoughts, because it’s safe to say currently it is one of my favourite songs.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post filled with my opinions and thoughts. I honestly means more than you could imagine!
If you’d like to leave any feedback or comments, please do so in the comments box below.
Thank you,
Leanne xo

When two become… Trapped in your head because they're bangers!

   This post is a little different to the usual. I’ve picked two new songs that have recently been released, to break down and explain why I think they’re so good, and can’t stop listening to them! 

Ellie Goulding – Something in the way you move.

   Goulding has released ‘Something in the way you move’ quite recently and I can safely say I love this song already! It’s very catchy, with great lyrics that just stick in your head. The upbeat style sounds similar to that of Years and Years, but when you really listen to the lyrics properly, it’s actually a song about heartache, learning from mistakes and knowing better. Obviously about a lover of hers (I wonder who?!). 

   In the lyrics, Goulding talks about the situation we all know well; of having feelings for someone when you deserve much more. Having feelings for someone who hurts you repeatedly, and will keep doing so, but not having the power to stop. She talks about the fall and the knowing (but also unknowing) desire of these situations. The fact that these lyrics are so conflicting to the happy dance sound of the track makes this song just that little bit better. Gouldings unusual and well recognised vocals are as cheery as the tune and in some ways sugar coat the harsh topic, making the song more ‘pop’ and less ‘love ballad’. It’s a little bit different to what’s floating around at the moment and I think it’s a great song.

Naughty Boy ft. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin – Running. 

   Naughty Boy has teamed up with the one and only Beyoncé and what a beautiful song they have made. When it comes to Beyoncé, I think she’s a wonderful artist; with an amazing voice, a body to die for and amazing versatility in her music. When you hear Beyoncé’s voice with Arrow’s, it’s a combination you’ll wish had been done sooner. 

   The song itself features Naughty Boys amazing production skills. Piano keys blend beautifully with beats that build and build, creating a beautiful piece of music, even before vocals. Starting off the lyrical side of this song is Beyoncé, singing about missing someone and losing yourself. As the chorus builds into a strong “I can do this, I am strong” sense it’s time for Arrow. He matches Beyoncé’s power with his strong vocals and continues to sing about being strong and carrying on then bringing his own to the second chorus. They then take it in turns to sing one single line on repeat. This message can be interpreted differently by people, but is certainly a meaningful one. Their voices blend beautifully together and I cannot wait to check Arrow Benjamin out as a solo artist after this amazing introduction to his talent. 

   I shall end this post with that one simple line.

   If I lose myself, I lose it all.

Thank you for reading, Leanne xo

Ellie Goulding – Something in the Way You Move:

Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce & Arrow Benjamin – Running:

Album Review #1

   I am absolutely in love with Years & Years. I’ve recently purchased their album and I can safely say there is not a song on there I don’t like.
   The following song is just pure bliss. I love the happy dance vibe; and the way the meaningful lyrics are wove into the music cleverly. I feel like this is a small tale of loving but not being loved back when thats all he wants; to be loved. We can all relate to those situations I’m sure, I definitely can, and we all know I’m a fan of songs I can relate to!

   Please check them out if you don’t already know who they are. If you do know them and you already love this song, have a little boogie around your bedroom, work office, the shop your walking round, anywhere and everywhere for me! It is such a feel good song even with its deep longing for love lyrics, one I think myself and everyone can appreciate.


   Hey guys! No this is not Leanne, my name is Melissa and I have taken over for one post (and maybe some more in the future if this doesn’t go terribly). 

   Ok then let’s get into this. Around 2 weeks ago Fightstar released their new single ‘Animal’ after being away for what seems like forever. And oh my god I’m so glad they’re back! Just from listening to one song from the upcoming album, ‘Behind the Devil’s Back’, I can tell that they have changed their sound a little bit and have gone a little bit heavier, especially with the vocals. The song starts with some heavy drum beats and then Charlie just gets straight into it with his screamy vocals. What a way to start a song and a new album! Getting straight to the point that they have changed a tiny bit, but I love it! As the song goes on the vocals get softer and you just want to sing along to “Free me now, because I’m an animal”. I can see myself and Leanne driving around, blasting this in my car with the windows down and getting really into it. The whole song is amazing, vocals, lyrics, guitars, you get it – everything! This will definitely be one of those songs that just pops into your head and you can’t get it out.
   I really can’t wait until the album comes out on October 16th and I will definitely grab myself a copy and have it on repeat! Go give ‘Animal’ a listen on Youtube and decide for yourself.


Stuck in my head…

   Songs that get stuck in your head can be the MOST annoying thing in the world, especially if they’re so catchy and absolutely awful. But today, I’m sat in work with two songs stuck in my head that are there for the complete opposite reason, they are amazing!

   They are; Pvris’ White Noise and Paramores Fast in my Car.

   Both are amazing, strong songs that are incredibly catchy; both lyrically and instrumentally. I can’t complain about having these songs running through my head today but it is very difficult not to sing out loud whilst dancing around the office. A long struggle is set for the rest of the day, to hold it in until I’m home.

   If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out on YouTube, I’ve added some links below to both songs! 

PVRIS – White Noise

Paramore – Fast In My Car
As always guys, thank you! Leanne xx

Baby if I'm half the man I say I am…

I always have (and always will have) a HUGE amount of love for Paramore. Right now, I’m sat in work, on lunch, with Proof playing in my ears. Fighting the urge to sing really loudly (and terribly) in the staff kitchen.

Proof is one of those songs that’s got a cheery up beat tempo, but is secretly a bit of a love song. The lyrics refer to missing someone, and wanting to see them, while having a slight fear about what they’re doing. There are definitely some hints of that stereotypical ‘psycho side’ that every girl has, but deny and fear. Ending the chorus with “the only proof that I need is you” brings back the cheeriness in the song.

This is definitely a song I love, can listen to whatever my mood and can relate to on some levels.

I hope you enjoyed, and look out for whats to come! Leanne xo

Paramore – PROOF: